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The Creative Services Division is committed to providing excellent member satisfaction to all members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary by creating professional quality literature, posters, videos, still photos, portraits, audio, and original graphics for all Coast Guard Auxiliary needs. As professionals, we strive to continuously maintain and update quality standards for creative services outlets by encouraging new members to engage and produce exceptional quality products through participation in the National Photo, Graphic, and Video Corps. We consistently acknowledge, showcase, and archive accomplishments of members who actively participate in creative outlets by hosting the Photo of the Week activity and the National Photography and Videography Contests.

Steven White, Division Chief of Creative Services (DVC-AS)

Steven White
 Steven White, DVC-AS

Steven joined the Auxiliary in 2009, mainly because he wanted to give back. He had missed his time in the Army and wanted to feel like the team. Steven joined the flotilla at Lake Lanier, Georgia and started to gain a better understanding of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and it's mission. He was then asked to take over the Flotilla Staff Officer for Communication Services, he was then asked to join the National Public Affairs Directorate as a Branch Assistant for Social Media. After a year in that position he was then asked to fill in as Branch Chief for Video Services. For the past two and a half years he have covered multiple stories, two Commandants, and the 75th Anniversary of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Then earlier this year he was asked to take over the position of Division Chief for Creative Services.

Professionally, Steven has been a photojournalist for the past 12 years.  Steven likes to be able to make a difference.  Before the Coast Guard Auxiliary Steven was in the Army for almost 3 years as a fire direction specialist and was medically discharged.  He loves serving his country and will continue to do so.