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Local Notice To Mariners (LNM).

What is a Local Notice To Mariners (LNM)? (Don’t shove off without most current notice!).
The LNM is the primary means for disseminating information concerning aids to navigation, hazards to navigation, and other items of marine information of interest to mariners on the waters of the United States, it's territories, and possessions. These notices are essential to all navigators for the purpose of keeping their charts, Light Lists, Coast Pilots and other nautical publications up-to-date. These notices are published weekly. The LNM's are available on the World Wide Web. Vessels operating in ports and waterways in several districts will need to obtain the LNM's from each district in order to be fully informed.

How do I sign up for LNMs?

Easy, go to this internet link:

Note:The above information was obtained at the USCG Navigation Center website,

For more navigation information go to the following Coast Guard Frequently Asked Questions website 


CoastFest 2017

Tue, 21 Aug 18   Posted by: Wayne Lancaster


 Oscar Safety Line Toss


 Auxiliarist handing out safety brochures
 Flotilla 02-05 members handing out safe boating information during CoastFest  2017 sponsored by Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Coastal Division.




Bullet List

Wed, 22 Aug 18   Posted by: Wayne Lancaster

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