This is Test Text for #7

Hi {!Contact.FirstName},

At Infusionsoft we take our email reputation very seriously and continuously monitor spam complaints, bounces, and other email metrics to keep our email network healthy.

Previously, our internal monitoring system has identified your app, {!Case.Asset}, as negatively impacting the health of your sender reputation, and jeopardizing Infusionsoft’s ability to deliver email on your behalf and on behalf of other customers. The matter has become so severe that we had to take steps to prevent further sender reputation damage. The email functionality of your application has been disabled. Due to the circumstances, there was no opportunity for advanced notice of this suspension.

Email functionality will not be re-enabled until I have verified that the root issues have been resolved and the risk to Infusionsoft’s sender reputation is mitigated.
The industry and Infusionsoft allows no more than a 0.1% complaint rate per Inbox Provider. Below you will find the current 30-day complaint rate for your application. Provider names have not been disclosed because excessive complaint rates at a single provider are a symptom of an underlying issue, not an issue with the specific provider.