Flotilla Project

Flotilla 31-08 posted signs on the city signboards at the city limits on US 31 so people coming from north and south, plus those turning south from M 55, can learn about our presence in the city and our meeting schedules. Photo shows one of the signs erected by FC Bill Baumgartner and VFC Tom Mallison.

AFRAS Chairman's Award

The Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS) Coast Guard Auxiliary Chairman’s Award is awarded to a Coast Guard Auxiliarist (or a team of Coast Guard Auxiliarists) from among the nominations received for the AFRAS Silver Medal, when and only when, all nominations for the Silver Medal do not meet the criteria for the award of the AFRAS Silver Medal (which are the same criteria as the VADM Thomas Sargent III Gold Medal awarded to a Coast Guard enlisted member). 

A life must be in peril of being lost, whether at sea, on a river, or a lake, and a Coast Guard Auxiliarist (or team of Coast Guard Auxiliarists) must have had a direct impact on saving the life or attempting to save the life in peril -- from a watercraft, from land, or a pier, wharf or jetty connected to dry land.

The AFRAS Chairman’s Award will then be selected from votes as tabulated by the AFRAS President from among the AFRAS Board of Directors.