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From The Office of The Chief of Staff District 017

  jim chase dcapt d17 2017

 James H Chase, DCOS
Where I’m from and how I got here:
I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, went to public school and on to Morgan State College graduating with a degree in Biology/Chemistry and a commission in the United States Air Force. Alaska became my new home as a result of being assigned to Cape Newenham Air Force Radar Station as its commander. There I became acutely aware of both the beauty and awesome unforgiving power of ocean waters. I subsequently became a boat owner and realizing how unprepared I was to safely utilize it, I enrolled in an Auxiliary Boating Skills & Seamanship class. Needing more information, I joined the USCG Auxiliary in 1984 and became intently involved in most of the good things they offered.
What the Auxiliary has done for me and me for it:
I initially became involved in operation, public affairs and public education and later in vessel exams, career candidate and member training. Successfully completing the requirements for AUXOP in 1993, I realized I was gaining much more than I was initially expecting. I have been a staff officer for public education, member training, and diversity at the Flotilla and Division levels and the Civil Rights Coordinator at District level. Over time I have been elected to Vice Flotilla Commander, Flotilla Commander, Division Commander, District Captain and now the Chief of Staff .
Along the way:
My commission in the United States Air Force led to twenty years of service as a KC-97 and KC-135 tanker pilot, a Minuteman missile crew commander, a remote radar station commander, a director of Social Actions and other duties as assigned. I was able to gain a Master’s degree in Industrial Management during my tour in missiles.
What’s next?
I must continue to learn and teach and be able to be a role model demonstrating visionary leadership capacity through effective communications. I must be willing and able to answer the question of ‘Why?’ when members query me. I need to be accountable for my decisions, directions and behavior. The bottom line is that the United States Coast Guard needs us, the Auxiliary, and they and the entire nation depend on us assisting in fulfilling the every expanding mission.