About the Auxiliary


About the Auxiliary

 The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Auxiliary was established in its present form in 1941 by the U.S. Congress as an unarmed, nonmilitary extension of the United States Coast Guard and has existed in one form or another since 1939.

The Flotilla is the basic unit of the Auxiliary.

The Flotilla Commander (FC) and Vice Flotilla Commander (VFC) are the top two Officers in the Flotilla and they are elected by the membership. They, along with the Flotilla Staff Officers (FSOs, who are appointed by the Flotilla Commander) administer the Flotilla activities.

Recreational Boating Safety as well as Operations and Marine Safety are our primary missions. Member Services are of extreme importance to support these missions. Fellowship (socializing) is the glue that holds these missions and the Auxiliary membership together. While "Fellowship" is an Auxiliary Cornerstone, it is not our primary purpose. Collectively, these are known as the "Four Cornerstones" and have served the Auxiliary and the U.S. Coast Guard well.