Local Knowledge

This feature is a new (as of August 2016) addition to our flotiilla website. Its purpose is to provide local resources relating to boating in Oregon, particularly in and around Portland. As time goes by, additional resources will be added. If you know of a local resource you believe would be helpful to fellow auxiliarists and local boaters and would like it to be added to this link, please contact Ruth Leibowitz at

Government-Sponsored Resources 

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)
The ODFW’s website contains information on seasonal sport fishing regulations, local conservation issues and efforts, family fishing events, and more. One link lists fifty places to go fishing within 60 minutes of Portland.

Oregon State Marine Board
This website has many important resources including boating regulations and permits, information on local launching sites, obstructions alerts, pumpout/dump station locations, environmental programs, required equipment, more.

Oregon – Take Me Fishing
This site contains information on boating and fishing throughout Oregon, and offers boating and fishing apps. 

Portland Public Boat Ramps 
Locations and other information about boat ramps associated with Portland parks.

About Our Beautiful Rivers

The Willamette River Recreation Guide
This publication is chock full of information about the Willamette River, including its history, plant and animal life, popular destinations, state parks, wildlife refuges, river miles and more.  The most recent revision is dated 2007, however most of the information remains relevant.

Boating Guide to the Lower Willamette and Columbia Rivers

This publication covers the Columbia River to the Bonneville Dam and the Wilamette to Oregon City.  It mentions major boat facilities, shoreside attractions, and place names.  Distances between points are in statute miles. The most recent revision is dated 2007, however most of the information remains relevant.  

Special Events Information 

Christmas Ships
The Christmas Ship Parade is a yearly tradition that began back in the 1950s. This website contains news, photographs, and videos of the most recent Christmas Ship event as well as dates and plans for the next.

The Portland Boat Show
This site contains information for both attendees and exhibitors. The next Portland Boat Show will take place in January 2017.