Facility in action


The Coxswain and Crew are certified and are constantly training for an unknown emergency.  The Coxswain and Crew must complete at lease 12 hours underway each year and pass vigorous testing every three years. 

We perform:
  • Makeway partols durung fishing season to assit deep draft shipping safely pass through popular fishing area's.
  • Fireworks patrols to keep the unsafe security zone clear of unsuspecting boaters.
  • Patrol the navy ships during Rose festival.
  • Patrol the Chistmas ships parade.
  • On call for Seach and Rescure.
  • Safety patrols looking for vessels in distress or boating in an unsafe manor.


Where The Action Is!

Operations is the heart of the Coast Guard Auxiliary mission...and Flotilla 71 Auxiliarists are where the action is, whether it's safety patrols along the Portland/Vancouver waterfronts or cruising the fishing hot spots along the Columbia River, Flotilla 71 patrols always stand ready to offer assistance to the recreational boater.
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

Member Qualifications

Members must earn crew coxswain ratings to qualify for operations. Patrol members are trained in various elements of boat handling and navigation, as well as search and rescue. Training is available in seven operational areas through advanced courses, including weather, communications, and meteorology.


Team Coast Guard

Auxiliary members provide important operational support to the U.S. Coast Guard and are considered members of " Team Coast Guard." Patrols are often called upon for search and rescue assistance. In addition, special patrols may check navigational markers, update navigation charts, or monitor the waters for hazards and environmental pollution. Although Flotilla 71 is most active in cooperation with Coast Guard Station Astoria, it also supports Coast Guard Station Portland on a regular basis by participating in training sessions for active duty Coast Guard personnel. 


Boating Events

Auxiliarists take a front row seat as they secure spectator areas at regattas and other boating events. At the request of the Coast Guard, patrols assist in maintaining safe perimeters for on the water recreation. 


You Can Make a Difference !!!

After 18 years, 264 operational missions, 2,128 hours on operations, performing 181 SAR cases, where 581 persons were assisted, saving 6 lives and assisting a total property value of $1,158,000, the 212286 has retired from active duty and is now under the ownership of a private party destined to live out its days as a purely pleasure craft. 
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Check on weather conditions prior to departing.

  • Tune in to the WXVHF marine radio channel.
  • Watch the TV Weather Channel for local conditions.
  • Check AM radio for lack of static.
  • Look to sky toward the SW or W direction for advancing weather.

    Note: Marine weather forecasts and also Small Craft Advisories, Gale, Storm, and Hurricane Warnings, when issued, can be obtained by telephone: CITY, STATE (XXX.XXX.XXXX)

    Online Weather Resources

  • The Weather Channel for Longview,WA
  • National Weather Service report for Longview WA
  • Online tide Prediction Resources

  • Make A Tide Prediction for Astoria,OR
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  • Make A Tide Prediction for Skamokawa,WA
  • Make A Tide Prediction for St. Helens,OR
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