Join The Auxiliary

Join the AuxiliaryAuxiliary on the Water

Future Shipmate,

Thank you for your interest in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Auxiliary is an outstanding opportunity to serve your community and the nation, build your skills, and make friends with others with similar interests.

As you consider membership we recommend the following course:
A. Determine if you meet the basic membership requirements:
- Are you a U.S. Citizen?
- Are you 17 or older?
- Are you willing to undergo a background check?
 B. Contact our Division Human Resources Officer - Carol Bobo 503-631-2698 and request membership information.
C. Carol will provide information on your nearest Flotilla and adjacent Flotillas. She will also have the Human Resources Officer of the nearest Flotilla contact you.
D. Visit the Flotilla, you may join any Flotilla of your choice. Good fit with the Flotilla you join is a key factor in your success as an Auxiliarist.  Discuss your interests with the members of each Flotilla you visit. The members will provide a variety of guidance.
E. Proceed with the membership enrollment process with the Flotilla you decide to join.
A few items to consider:
  • We pay membership dues each year to support the operation of the Auxiliary organization.
  • We are a uniformed service and you will be expected to purchase a uniform.
  • The required background check can take some time to complete. You may participate in most missions while this background check is being conducted. There are some limitations. Some missions, including all air operations, require a more extensive background check.
  • There is no fixed time commitment as a member. It is highly recommended that you plan to participate in monthly Flotilla meetings. We have members who participate only a few hours a month and members who contribute thousands of hours per year. Most qualifications require at least some mission performance to maintain the qualification.