C.9. New Auxiliarist of the Year Award

The New Auxiliarist of the Year (NAUXOY) award recognizes the most exemplary performance by an
eligible Auxiliarist during the previous calendar year. Only those Auxiliarists who demonstrated
sustained, exceptional standards of proficiency and conduct, and whose appearance and bearing were consistently impeccable, shall be considered for nomination. This award parallels the awards for the Coast Guard Enlisted Person of the Year (EPOY) and the Civilian Employee of the Year (CEOY) awards.

NAUXOY tenure shall extend from the date of their announcement as NAUXOY until the date of
announcement of their successor.

C.9.a. Eligibility Criteria
NAUXOY nominees must meet the following criteria:
• Be a member in good standing of the Auxiliary for no less than one year and no more than three
years from initial enrollment.
• Demonstrated exemplary conduct.
• Embraced Coast Guard core values of "Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty."
• Projected exceptional uniform appearance and bearing.
• Delivered consistently outstanding performance in terms of leadership, Auxiliary program
skills, personal and work ethics, and Auxiliary knowledge.
• Displayed superb initiative and motivation that helped significantly advance themselves and
Auxiliary program(s).
• Performed duties in outstanding fashion and achieved results of high quality, customer
service, and teamwork that resulted in improved efficiency and effectiveness of Auxiliary and/or
Coast Guard unit(s).
• Other related contributions, achievements, and awards should be included for consideration.