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Easy Reports System

Easy Reports System is used for monthly reporting for all Flotilla Staff Officers, and elected officers (Vice Flotilla Commander & Flotilla Commander)

You may use the Reports & 7029 Forms menu link on the left column of this Flotilla Website to access links to this reporting system.

Please try it now. The reports submitted for "January 2015" will be trial reports so users can get acquainted with the system 

When your reports are submitted each month, the appropriate members of your Chain of Leadership will have your report.

 Please submit a report each month, even if it has to contain months where "nothing happened" 


Added Calendar for Flotilla 41 Events


Marine Dealer Visitor (MDV)Marine Dealer Visitor (MDV)Member Qualifications

 USCG Auxiliary members must be qualified to perform many of the auxiliary missions in support of the US Coast Guard.  To obtain these qualifications, members undergo training similar to that provided to Coast Guard personnel. Members are generally required to complete training and one or more tests showing their knowledge and proficiency for the skills involved. Once qualified for a specific type of activity, members generally perform a minimum number of missions each year and in some cases attend workshops and perform training tasks to maintain their proficiency. Periodic Re-qualification is required for many activity types with varying requirements.

In addition there are many direct Coast Guard support activities that require certification by the Coast Guard.

 The major auxiliary qualification categories are: Vessel Examiner, Marine Dealer Visitor, Instructor, Boat Crew (Crew & Coxswain), Mobile Radio, Air Crew and ATON verifier.

 Requirements in each of these areas are provided below:

 Vessel Examiner (VE)


Vessel Safety Check Manual, COMDTINST M16796.8, Page 6

Primary Mission

Vessel Safety Check (VSC) on recreational boats generally under 65 feet


Complete the open book exam within a three hours time limit and pass the VE exam with a passing score of 90%. In addition, perform five VSCs under the supervision of a certified VE. The certified VE determines whether or not the examination was satisfactory and provides specific, instructional feedback to the qualifying member to further assist in the qualification process. The certified VE trainer is credited with the five VSCs performed.


VE must complete at least five VSC each calendar year


If any qualified VE fails to perform the annual certification procedures within the last five years, they must complete two satisfactory VSCs under the supervision of a certified VE in order to regain their certification. The certifying VE receives the credit for the two recertification VSCs. The candidate must then meet the requirements as stated in the Annual Certification Procedures above to retain their certification.


For the Coast Guard Auxiliary, VEs may also examine Uninspected Passenger Vessels and Commercial Fishing Vessels.


Marine Dealer Visitor (MDV)


Auxiliary Marine Dealer Visitor Manual, COMDTINST M16796.3B, Pages 2-4 and 2-5

Primary Mission

Promote safe boating for the recreational boating public through the aid of the marine dealer


Complete the open book exam within a three hours time limit and pass the MDV exam with a passing score of 90%. In addition, make a marine dealer visit with a currently qualified visitor.


MDV must conduct at least four visits each annually. In addition, must attend mandatory, Headquarters approved, MV/VE workshops conducted in their areas.


MDV has failed to conduct four visits during the calendar year. Must retake the MV exam in addition to any required workshops. They do not have to perform the training visit.


Inactivity, if one year or more has elapsed since loss of qualification, the Auxiliarist must re-qualify, the same as a new MV, using the procedures prescribed in paragraph 2-F-2.




7029 Web Forms 

A link to aid Members in submitting their hours each month




Vessel Safety Check




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