Children's Education

    Hi. Thanks for coming to see me. Who am I? I'm Coastie. I travel all over the country meeting boys and girls. I help the children learn to be safe around the water. Remember kids, Boat Smart from the start .......wear your Life Jacket!

Welcome to the Seattle area children's education page. There are several opportunities for children from our flotilla and the entire community to get involved with throughout the year. Not only are these excellent chances for children to learn about boating safety, but it is also a great opportunity for members who would like to be apart of this exciting and fulfilling area of mission. Get ready to have a great time! So now that you have read about this great opportunity, you are probably wondering how do I get involved? If you would like more information on children's education.
Contact:   Bonnie Harding.
Classes for Kids

Boating Fun - One hour class for 4-9 year olds.
Waypoints - 1-3 hour class for 10-12 year olds.