Join the Auxiliary

Join the Auxiliary?

First question you might have is “who are these folks?”

We are the uniformed civilian volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard. We are concerned with recreational boating safety, support for the Coast Guard in all of its functions except direct law enforcement or military activities, support for our own organization and members, and fellowship activities as appropriate. Our members can operate their own boats, aircraft, or radio stations as a Coast Guard facility after receiving the proper training and authorizations. We can teach boating safety classes, conduct vessel examinations, or work with marine dealers to educate them and their customers on boating safety issues. We can also work with the active duty Coast Guard in all of their civil functions except direct law enforcement. Our members are highly trained in whatever area they are interested in – you can pick and choose what you want to do based on your own interest, time available, skills and knowledge.

Of course there are a couple of requirements – you must be a US Citizen 17 years or older without any Felony convictions. You should be willing to spend the time and energy to become trained and active in at least one program of the Auxiliary. There are some personal costs (dues, uniforms, and local travel) from time to time. 

If support for your community (the boating public, the people of our area or the country as a whole) is what you’d like to do please contact us at: for more information.