2013 AuxMan Changes

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Mon, 16 Sep 13  

Since the issuance of changes to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1G, approximately one year ago (ALAUX 019/12), many other Auxiliary policies described in the Manual have been reviewed for appropriate updates.

The PDF file ( contains new chapter-by-chapter, section-by-section descriptions of changes to the Manual that are effective immediately. The file's first three pages provide a snapshot summary of the sections of the Manual that have been changed. These changes center around updates to Auxiliary administrative and training processes.

A brief summary of highlights follows:

  1. A - Numerous sections throughout the Manual - The term "Employee ID Number (EMPLID)" no longer applies to Auxiliarists. The appropriate term is now "Member ID Number."
  2. B - Section 2.B.2. - The "Auxiliary Chef (AUXCHEF)" program has been renamed the "Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS)" program. Qualified Auxiliarists are referred to as Auxiliary Food Service Specialists (AUXFS).
  3. C - Section 3.D.2.c. - Auxiliary ID card issuance reverts to prior policy in which they shall only be issued upon receipt of a Favorable Personnel Security Investigation (PSI). The membership pledge and certificate may still be issued prior to such receipt, preferably at an appropriate ceremonial opportunity.
  4. D - Section 4.A.9. - Flotilla voting policy has been modified to authorize the Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX), with District Commodore concurrence, to waive the minimum 25% quorum threshold. DIRAUX may waive this threshold down to a minimum of 15%, and must specify its effective duration. Such waiver is not expected to be in perpetuity as a flotilla in receipt of waiver is expected to make all due effort to achieve the 25% threshold.
  5. E - Section 4.E.9. - Policies regarding the conduct of unit meetings using electronic/telephonic means have been significantly broadened. They formalize guidelines that have been issued during the past couple of years.
  6. F - Section 5.J.10. - Policies regarding the use of service animals have been developed.
  7. G - Section 5.N.1. - Policies regarding Auxiliary unit financial reporting have been revised. The most significant aspect is the requirement for unit financial reports to be received by the cognizant DIRAUX through regionally prescribed routing by March 1 each year.
  8. H - Section 8.B.11. - TCT Facilitator policies recently issued in ALAUX 10/13 have been memorialized.
  9. I - Section 8.C.1. - The AUXOP program has been significantly broadened by inclusion of 29 acceptable National Incident Management System (NIMS)-compliant Type 3 ICS courses. These courses count as two credits for successful completion of all required elements (i.e., the in-class course, the corresponding PQS, and the associated oral board - all as applicable). Tasks for them have been created in AUXDATA (all assigned to the Non-mandatory ICS Tasks competency). Their acceptability is immediate, but their integration into AUXDATA's AUXOP calculation is not expected earlier than January 1, 2014.
  10. J - Section 8.E.2. - The Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS) is now operational and can be used to complete all Auxiliary mandated training courses. Accordingly, enrolled Auxiliarists have until December 31, 2016 to complete this battery of courses. Newly enrolling Auxiliarists must complete this battery within the first year of membership as defined in the provisions.
  11. K - Section 10.A.7. - Wearing of the Auxiliary member device on collars and hats reverts to prior policy in which such wear is required when an Auxiliarist works as crew on a Coast Guard vessel. The requirement for such wear no longer applies when working as crew on other Coast Guard units.
  12. L - Numerous sections throughout Chapter 10 - Many other uniform policy changes have been made in accordance with recent changes to Coast Guard Uniform Regulations, COMDTINST M1020.6 series (ref: ALCGPSC message 048/13 of April 19, 2013). This includes memorialization of the Auxiliary Health Care Services insignia and restoration of authority to wear the Service Dress Blue Alpha uniform.