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    Charles S. Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award

    The Charles S. Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award recognizes the most exemplary performance by a Flotilla Commander during the previous calendar year.  Only those Flotilla Commanders who demonstrated sustained, exceptional standards of proficiency and conduct, and whose appearance and bearing were consistently impeccable, shall be considered for nomination. 

    This award parallels the other Coast Guard Inspirational Leadership Awards:
    Captain John G. Whitherspoon Inspirational Leadership Award
    for Active Duty and Reserve Officers,
    the George R. Putnam Inspirational Leadership Award for Civilians, and the
    MCPO Angela M. McShan Inspirational Leadership Award for Active Duty or Reserve Chief Petty Officers (E-7).    The recipient’s tenure shall extend from 1 January to 31 December of the year selected.

    See Commodore Charles S. Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award in Chapter 11 of the latest Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1 series) for definitive information.

    Eligibility Criteria

     Nominees for this Auxiliary Leadership Award must meet the following criteria:

    • Serve as incumbent Flotilla Commander at the time of the solicitation for the award (October).
    • Be a member in good standing of the Auxiliary at the time of selection (February).
    • Regularly demonstrate unwavering leadership prowess, including the ability to gain genuine commitment from all levels of the organization.
    • Exemplify the Coast Guard core values of "Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty."
    • Demonstrate sincere interest and concern for others and their success in the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
    • Display a keen sense of ethical conduct and exhibit a high degree of personal integrity.
    • Earn the high esteem and admiration of others.
    • Foster the spirit and intent of diversity.
    • Motivate others to excel in mission performance.
    • Be a positive role model and mentor.
    • Project professional uniform appearance and bearing.
    • Other related contributions, achievements, and awards should be included for consideration.


     The recipient of the Inspirational Leadership Award shall receive the following recognition:

    • Announcement of award by ALCOAST and ALAUX message.
    • Award presentation will take place at a ceremony in Washington, DC during the Commandant’s State of the Coast Guard address (March), in conjunction with the Whitherspoon, McShan and Putnam Inspirational Leadership Awards.  A trophy will be presented.
    • Travel, lodging and per diem expenses for the recipient and guest will be covered by orders which shall be issued by G-133.
    • Recommendation for the Auxiliary Commendation Medal to be submitted by VNACO.
    • An article and photo will be published in the Coast Guard’s Leadership News and The Navigator.
    • The Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award recipient may be requested, with NACO concurrence, to represent the Auxiliary at other official functions and ceremonies during their tenure.

    Submission Requirements

    The Greanoff Inspirational Leadership Award nomination packages shall be processed as follows:

    • The National Commodore (NACO) shall solicit nominations during the month of September each year. 

    • Nomination packages must originate at the Flotilla level and may be submitted by any member directly to the DCDR.
      • Packages must be able to be electronically forwarded and processed. Packages should adhere to the minimum requirements prescribed by the sample format in Appendix F of the Auxiliary Manual (COMDTINST M16790.1 series).
      • The DCDR must submit the Division’s selection to the DCO by 15 October.
      • The District 13 EXCOM must validate all nomination packages and determine which nomination to forward. The DCO shall endorse and forward only one award nomination from the district/region to the respective DNACO by 1 November.
      • Upon review of all packages, the DNACO shall endorse and forward all nominations for the area to the Chief Director, with copies to the VNACO and the NACO, for review by 5 November.
      • Given concurrence of the VNACO and the NACO, the Chief Director shall forward all nomination packages to the Chief, Office of Leadership and Development (CG-133) by 10 November.
      • The Coast Guard CG-133 shall convene a selection committee consisting of one O-6 (Captain), one E-9 (Master Chief Petty Officer), one civilian, and one Auxiliary Commodore. The final nominee will be selected by January.

    Background on Commodore Charles S. Greanoff

    Mr. Greanoff first became affiliated with the Coast Guard in 1943.  He was released from the Army that year under the Sullivan Act, and immediately signed up with the U.S. Coast Guard Temporary Reserve and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary (both entities were one in the same at that time) on August 23rd, 1943.  He became part of District 9 Flotilla 7-03, a port security unit responsible for protecting the Port of Cleveland, the Cuyahoga River and the city’s bridges. 

    After the war, Mr. Greanoff continued his active participation in the new Coast Guard Auxiliary and soon became Flotilla Commander in 1950.  He quickly rose through the ranks of the Auxiliary; first holding the position of Division Captain in 1953, Ninth District Commodore in 1956-57 and achieving the Auxiliary’s highest position of National Commodore in 1958-59. 

    As National Commodore, Mr. Greanoff traveled the country to support the new missions of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and even testified before Congress on the importance of boating safety regulation.  He was instrumental in shaping the Auxiliary into the effective organization it is today. 

    During the next three decades COMO Greanoff continued to accrue thousands of hours of support each year for all the Coast Guard’s missions as an active member of the Auxiliary.  Commodore Greanoff’s affiliation with his most recent duties first began in 1991 with his appointment as assistant to the Ninth CG District Family Programs Administrator.  He was a key player in the establishment of the fledgling Work Life program development in D9. 

    In March of 1993 COMO Greanoff was appointed the Ninth District Ombudsman Coordinator, the first Ombudsman Coordinator position created in the Coast Guard, and he continued in that role until 2005.  During the last ten years of service as the Ninth District Ombudsman Coordinator Mr. Greanoff trained over 150 district ombudsmen at more than fifty units around the Great Lakes providing guidance, training and support to these important volunteers. 

    COMO Greanoff’s spirit of leadership epitomizes the criteria established for the Auxiliary Inspirational Leadership Award, through his 63 years of sustained service, based on the core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty, and dedicated to the members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Coast Guard and the nation.  Past National Commodore Greanoff currently resides in Lakewood, Ohio.

    Appendix A: Nomination Package Format



    From:   District Commodore
    To:        DNACO


    Ref:      (a) The Coast Guard Auxiliary Manual, COMDTINST M16790.1 series, ch.11

         -  Nominations shall not exceed three typed pages.

    -  They must be in MS Word format.

    Include two digital color photos (.jpg); one photo to be full length wearing Tropical Blue Long uniform with combination cap or Auxiliary Blue Blazer outfit with no hat, and one photo to be head and shoulder without combination cap (similar to Auxiliary ID photo).

    Nomination packages shall be submitted via email with this document and both .jpg photos as attachments.  An on-line form will be available on the Forms page of the Auxiliary website.

    1. The following background information is provided per reference (a):

              a. Name: James R. Jones, EMPLID 1234567

              b. Unit:  XXX-XX-XX

              c. Date of enrollment:  YY MMM DD

              d. Name of spouse and/or children (if applicable)

              e. Offices attained: Example –


    FC           YY MMM DD to YY MMM DD

    National Staff – BA-XXX YY-MM-DD to present

    2. Special projects (describe):

                Example: Coordinated a Flotilla Safe Boating Day at the Community Festival

                Organized members to host a holiday party for the local CG Station

    3. Previous recognition during Auxiliary membership (describe):

    Example: Flotilla Auxiliarist of the Year - 2005

    Runner up – Division Auxiliarist of the Year - 2005

    Letter of Appreciation

    4. List and describe any personal Auxiliary awards:

    Example: Auxiliary Commandant Letter of Commendation (2)

        Auxiliary Golden Web Award

    5.  Brief synopsis of significant professional and personal achievements that support nominee's selection:

    Example: Leadership and Management School

                    Coxswain qualified 

                                Professional Development (career or community related)

    6. Narrative of the nominee’s outstanding achievements based on specific facts and examples, which clearly show that they were exceptional in accordance with nomination criteria.

    Example: Specific examples and supporting information on how the nominee exemplifies the criteria for this leadership award.  Nominations should focus on proactive leadership acts that benefit the greater good of the members, flotilla, division, and community, and less on the day-to-day routine activities and management of flotilla activities and resources.  Units should consider the prestigious nature of this award and the prospect of the nominee’s participation in high visibility initiatives.

    7. Community Service:

     Community service may address what the Auxiliarist has done for everyone they came into contact with through the Auxiliary, local Coast Guard units, and other organizations.

    8. Required Photos. See Submission Requirements.