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    ACLOC Award

    Auxiliary Commandant Letter of Commendation (ACLOC) Award

    The ACLOC award was created to fill the void between normal Auxiliary unrewarded “well done” performance and “performance over and above that which would be expected.” Most of our active Auxiliarists should already have received this award and should continue to receive it throughout their Auxiliary career. It is not a one-time award. Additional awards can be recommended and awarded at any time, and are indicated by adding stars.  If the member completes additional achievements or services, award it again! See the D13 Notes on the ACLOC in the Awards Download area.

    The ACLOC is awarded to any Auxiliarist serving in any capacity, any office, any task, any program.  It's usually awarded for a specific or special task or achievement, but can be awarded for extended service in a program.  It can be awarded with the "O" if the achievement is in operations context. You tell us.

    Who should be recommended for an ACLOC?

    The only question you need ask yourself for this award is "Did this Auxiliarist do more than a typical Auxiliarist would do under the same circumstances?" It doesn't have to outstanding, well publicized, or noticed throughout the local unit. All that's required is an Auxiliarist do more than the minimum expected. 

    Do you have:

    • New members who jump in enthusiastically?
    • Experienced members who labor long in obscurity on important jobs? They just get the job done - but rarely get recognition.

    Or perhaps you have member's who make that little extra effort to do things such as:

    • Always staying late and cleaning up the room.
    • Bringing the refreshments every month.
    • Keeping outstanding minutes of meetings.
    • Always volunteering when a job needs doing.
    • Counseling and mentoring new members.
    • Traveling a long way at their expense to participate.
    • Helping assemble the newsletter or directory.
    • Doing great work at their FSO or SO job.
    • Organizing the booth at the boat show.
    • Taking two shifts at an event when others don't show.
    • Maintaining an outstanding and positive attitude. Contributing very positively to the meeting.
    • And many more examples!

      The only time the ACLOC is not appropriate is when the achievement is high enough to merit the Auxiliary Achievement Medal (AAM) - which is number two of the Fabulous Four..

      THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF AWARDS AVAILABLE. We should be awarding a few hundred of these per year at least. THERE IS NO COMPETITION FOR THESE AWARDS. If 20 folks in your unit deserve this award, get it for them!

      How do I recommend someone for an ACLOC?

      You must provide the member's personal details - Name, Number, Flotilla, Div., time in the Aux, current office held (if any) - and details on why you think this person should be awarded. Just telling us that "Harriet did good stuff" will not work. We cannot sleuth the awards for you. But it's pretty easy. Here are some reccomendation examples:

      • "On December 11th Harriet worked for four additional hours collating and stapling the flotilla newsletter, when the regular FSO-PB suddenly became ill. Harriet has stepped in to help in other instances where our flotilla was hard-pressed to complete a task."

      • "George has put in 200 hours this year in his IS position and this has resulted in our IS and AUXDATA data records being 100% completed each and every month. A first for this Flotilla. George also checks to verify that the AUXDATA records are correct and provides a month summary report to our Flotilla."

      • "These 20 people organized, purchased, cooked and served 300 hotdogs and hamburgers to the USCG during the USCG picnic."

      Send us your reccomendations. We'll take it from there.

      Read more about about all awards in Chapter 11 -- Auxiliarist Recognition/Awards in AuxMan.