Paddlesport America

PaddleSports America    

Statistically, kayaking and canoeing are the most dangerous type of boating. Now, there is a course available to address the unique safety needs of paddlers. Paddlesports America is an exciting safety course designed for the novice paddle sport enthusiasts. The course is a collaboration with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation and Arizona Game and Fish Department focusing on the novice kayaker, offering both classroom and calm water instruction.

The classroom instruction presented by the Coast Guard Auxiliary will cover topics to prepare you for the on-the-water outing, such as:
• The parts and characteristics of canoes and kayaks
• Before You Go — the basics for predeparture
• Operating Your Boat Safely
• The Legal Requirements of Boating in Arizona and beyond
• Boating emergencies — What to do and minimizing the risk


Paddle Smart Sticker

Download Paddle Smart Sticker

The Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary have teamed up to launch 'Operation Paddle Smart,' a campaign that provides free water-proof stickers for labeling owner identification and contact information to small, paddlecraft vessels. aimed to benefit the entire U.S. maritime community.
With the increase of kayakers and paddlecraft enthusiasts getting out on the water, the number of vessels found adrift without its pilot have also increased. Unlike larger recreational or commercial vessels which share in the fortunate benefit of hull registration numbers and a vessel name that allow for the owner to be identified, kayaks and other forms of paddlecraft, characteristically do not have identifying features that allow for the owner to be contacted. As a result the Coast Guard spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year engaged in search and rescue operations for cases where nobody in danger to begin with.