Division 10 Member Training

 Congratulations and Welcome Aboard.

You have just joined a very special organization.

The Importance of the Basic Qualification Course.

    Auxiliary members who are familiar with the customs, traditions, and history of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, understand our Missions and Programs, the organizational structure, the policies and regulations that guide us, and understand the protocols and uniform wear will be far better prepared to serve the Coast Guard than less knowledgeable members. In addition, Auxiliary members need to have the same training as the Coast Guard with regard to ethics, civil rights, privacy, and security (specifically addressed in our Mandated Training).

   You can access this course through the Auxiliary Classroom.  The Auxiliary Classroom is where you will find a significant amount of advanced online training. It also  tracks your training activities so you can better document your accomplishments.

Follow this link  Auxiliary Classroom to access the Basic Qualification Course within. 

Boat Crew Handbooks Replace the Boat Crew Seamanship Manual

Here is the link to the 5 new Boat Crew Handbooks which replace the now obsolete Boat Crew Seamanship Manual. There is also a Boat Crew Seamanship to Boat Crew Handbook Cross Walk document on that web showing what was in the BCSM and where the info is now located in the BCHBs or other CG manuals. Some sections have been deleted as obsolete. They are all located on the Response Directorate's web site and are in the Member's Zone area which is password protected. You can enter the member's zone with your member ID # and password you also use for AUX Directory and other Auxiliary sites. Trainees for Surface Operations program qualifications (Crew, Coxswain and PWC Operator) will need to reference these handbooks. They are also good reference/refresher manuals for currently qualified members as well. As with most other CG publications these days, paper copies will not be available.


Surface Programs Manuals and Document Information

Happy Reading

COMO Gary A. Taylor US Coast Guard Auxiliary