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   Types of Uniforms

   USCG Aux Flotilla Insignias

   How to Properly Wear the ODU (Presentation)

   Uniform Distribution Center

Online ordering is possible but must be done using Internet Explorer 8/9/10.  IE 11 is not compatible.  For instructions on how to downgrade to IE10, see this document.

Online Services:

 7029 Online Form - Use this to record your hours.

 Aux Directory - Use this to find contact information for other members.

Online Training

Surface Operations Training Site - Great information for Boat Crew 

National Testing Center - Log in with your USCG Aux credentials to take online exams 

Aux Learning - Log in with your Aux Learning credentials to complete mandatory training (Due Dec 31, 2016). 

Prior to using the Aux Learning, it is recommended you test your browser for compatibility:

  1. Open your IE browser and select in compatibility mode of the browser. Setting compatibility implementation may vary by browser version. Look in browser help for more guidance if needed.
  2. On the initial page, click on "Agree" after having read the warning statement.
  3. On the Login page, look in the lower left corner for "System Test" and click on it.
  4. Click "Test My System" on the next page
  5. Verify all items are "Green" including the recommended items and correct as required




Mandated Training 

Mandated Training is officially in full force. Without Mandated Training, you will be limited to involvement with the Auxiliary, so please ensure it is completed.

There are several options to complete Mandated Training.

Below is the link to get to the Mandated Training Site.