Flotilla 7-3 Leadership

Flotilla 07-03 Flotilla Commander and Vice Flotilla Commander


Aaron Todd - Flotilla Commander (FC) 2017 Term

Patrick Moran - Vice Flotilla Commander (VFC) 2017 Term

Immediate Past Flotilla Commander (IPFC) - Kevin Sheldon


About our FC and VFC:

FC - Aaron Todd - Aaron joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary on 14Jul12. To date, Aaron has completed all online classes offered by the Coast Guard Auxiliary. In addition, Aaron is also the DSO-HR for District 11 Southern Region. Aaron continues to support not just his own flotilla, but his Division, District and now National members.  Aaron lead the way to ensuring that our flotilla achieved 100% completion of Mandated Training. Flotilla 7-3 was the first flotilla in Division 7 to reach 100% completion, and the 2nd flotilla in District 11 Southern Region to complete this milestone.


VFC - Patrick Moran - Patrick joined the Auxiliary in April of 2016. To date, Pat has been able to complete his VE qualifications, Public Affairs Qualifications, and Program Visit Qualifications. Pat has been recently appointed to hold the Diversity Office at Flotilla level. Patrick brings many qualities and a lot of talent to the Auxiliary. Pat is a recent graduate of AUXLAMS, and has shown an eagerness to learn attitude. Pat is always ready to help when help is needed.