Flotilla 6-7 Uniform Information

Information You Should Know

Every Auxiliarist should have a Tropical Blue Uniform.  It is the most often required uniform that is worn.
The Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) is the second most often required uniform.

District policy is the Tropical Blue Uniform is worn at indoor Auxiliary events and after 1800 hours at outdoor events.  The ODU is worn at outdoor Auxiliary events up to 1800.  The exception is those on patrol craft under orders will continue wearing ODUs even after 1800.  Land based personnel wear the ODU after 1800 if specified for events such as the "Tall Ships Festival." 

Maintenance of these uniforms is shown in the Uniform Procurement Guide in the sub-menu below. However, Best Practice for looking sharp and uniform longevity is the dry cleaners.  The Tropical Blue shirt should be laundered, light starch and military pleats.  The trousers dry cleaned.  ODUs are notorious for fading if thrown in the washer.  Dry cleaning will maintain it's rich blue color and look like new even after four years of heavy use. 

Rolling up the sleeves require some practice and is best learned from a member with experience in doing the task.  Once mastered, you should be able to roll up the sleeves while wearing the ODU blouse. 

Footwear for the ODU are 8" black composite boots or low boat shoes, preferably tan or brown.  An important note is if you are BoatCrew going on patrol, you are required to wear regulation boots on the dock.  Boat shoes may only be worn while on the boat.   Blousing the trousers is done with blouse bands placed between the second and third boot eyelet.  Tuck the shoelaces inside the boot so they do not show.

Finally, a member in uniform in any branch of the service stands straight and tall, and you should do the same.