Flotilla 6-7 Member Training

As Vessel Examiners in 6-7 prepare to go out and perform Vessel Safety Checks for the new year, you may want to brush up on your knowledge by reviewing the VE Manual and Power Point Workshop.  Click on the Vessel Examinations menu and you find everything you need to know about VSCs. 

Many members have trouble finding study materials for the IS courses and the online exams.  This menu has all you need on one website.  The four courses, IS-100.b,   IS-200.b, IS-700.a, and IS-800.b are in one place, each with study material and exam.  Some competencies require one or more of the IS courses to be taken.

You can take an online test using the National Testing Center (NTC) menu.  Some tests require a proctor to be present, so please note if that is required as shown on the test instruction page.