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Approved Life-JacketThe United States Coast Guard characterizes their Auxiliary Corps as a "force multiplier" enabling the active-duty and reserves to do more with the budgeted dollars allocated by the US Congress. USCG Auxiliarists donate 100% of their time to the tasks authorized by the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard.  And no task is more important than promulgating and expanding the safety of life at sea. 
From the first legislative action by Congress for boating safety, the "Steamboat Safety Act" of 1838 to prevent steam boiler explosions to SOLAS - "Safety Of Life At Sea," today recognized internationally, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is continually educating the boating public and patrolling the lakes and seas in its dedicated purpose of saving lives.   
It is no wonder that 95% of recreational boater fatalities were not wearing life-jackets and the number one cause of loss at sea from sailboats is not being tethered to the boat.  For children, being tethered is the law.
Everything you see on the two sub-menus below is for your boating safety education.  Following the advice given and taking courses offered may save you, your family and friends their lives.