Recreational Boating Safety

Our parent organization, the United States Coast Guard, considers recreational boating safety the most important contribution of the Auxiliary.  Consequently this is the largest section of our website. 

'Boater Education' Public Education is one of the most active units of the USCG Auxiliary. Follow this link in the menu to find out what courses are being taught by the Coronado Flotilla, as well as other courses nearby.

'Boating Laws' You have to know the rules to follow the rules. For example, did you know that California is starting a Boater Card requirement, effective January 1, 2018? Follow the links to find out more.

Recreational Boating Safety Visitation (RBS Visitation) is an external link, opening in a new window, linking to a Coast Guard Auxiliary site providing information about an important Auxiliary program whereby member visitors regularly call upon marine retail business providing them with materials concerning Reacreational Boater Safety to become available free to the boating public. 

'Vessel Safety Check' is an external link to an Auxiliary national site allowing you to find a Vessel Examiner (VE) who will perform a free consultation regarding equipment required by federal, state and local requlations and other equipment recommended by the Coast Guard to be carried aboard.

A Vessel Safety Check is not a law enforcement activity.