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  • Vessel Examiner
    Day 1 - Download and print the Vessel Safety Check Manual (52 pages) Read Chapter 1-3
    Day 2 - Read Chapters 2-3
    Day 3 - Study Chapter 3
    Day 4 - Download Forms 7003 and 7008. Study the additional equipment required for Operational Facilities - review Chapters 4 and 5.
    Day 5 - Contact FSO-VE for pointer on how to approach the test and review sample test questions.
    Day 6 - Take a sample test.
    Day 7 - Sign on to the Aux Testing Center. Take the VE Test - its open book. You have plenty of time to look up anything you are not sure of.

If you missed too many questions, evaluate where you went wrong and try again.

WHEN YOU PASS THE TEST, CONTACT FSO-VE TO DO / 5 ASSISTED VESSELS EXAMS. Download the District Qualification form. Submit this form to DSO-IS for data entry into AUXDATA.

  • Crew Member - You will need to complete the Boating Skills and Seamanship course before starting Crew Training. You will need to complete FEMA 100, FEMA 700, TCT, and AUXCOM but these can be taken anytime before the QE exam.

Boat Crew Training Material:

Download and print Chapters 1-3 of the Boat Crew Training Manual and Chapter 1 of the Boat Crew Qualification Guide.

The Mentor is assigned by the FSO-MT & FC. The FSO-MT will be the point of contact.

Meet your Mentor, who will review the training process with you and assign the material to be covered at the next training session. This will consist of a reading assignment, questions covering the chapter.

You and the Mentor will meet as needed to complete the on shore reading assignments and oral reviews. This will take approximately 8 weeks.

You will then be assigned to onboard training exercises with your Mentor on a regular harbor patrol mission aboard one of our OPFACs. During these patrols, you and your Mentor will complete the exercises listed in the Boat Crew Qualification Guide. Depending on our patrol schedules and space availability, this portion will take about 3-4 weeks.

Your Mentor will request your FSO-OP or FC to the QE Coordinator for your Qualification examination. Your Qualification Examination will take several hours of oral questions and onboard demonstrations of the work expected of a crew member.
  • Qualified Instructor - Follow this path to be a qualified Auxiliary Instructor:

    Contact your FSO-IT and request to be assigned an IT mentor.

    Study the material in the Instructor Development Course. Work with your IT Mentor to complete all the exercises.

    When you have a good understanding of the instructing process, go to the National Testing Center  and take the Instructor Development Course (IDC), which consists of 20 multiple choice question. When you pass the test, print out your certificate of completion.

    Upon satisfactory completion of the course, have your mentor complete the District Qualification form for Instructors and send it to your SO-IS to record it in AUXDATA.
  • Mentor Requirements - The requirement for mentors, and their qualifications, are stated in the Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M16794.51A (January 2007), Section B, Pg 3-2.
    The PowerPoint presentation: D11SR Boat Crew Mentoring District Policy Guidebook, dated January 1, 2007 (attached), provides the details of this policy for our District.
    Please note: This Boat Crew Mentoring Workshop must be given only by a SQE and it is given only once to qualify Mentors (not annually to those already qualified as Mentors). The presenting QE sends the OTO a copy of the Workshop Mission & Attendance Report (form ANSC 7039) who keeps a file of all Mentors in our District.
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