Flotilla 1-1 General Information

Flotilla 01-01 San Diego Harbor meets every 4th Monday at 6:00pm in the Training Room at

U.S. Coast Guard Sector San Diego
2170 North Harbor Drive,
San Diego, CA 92101  map

Interested parties are encouraged to attend the our meeting,  If you would like to attend, contact our Leadership for details. We'll do our best to make you feel welcome.

USCG Announces Boating Safety Mobile App

Tue, 19 May 15  

The USCG has released a new mobile application to enhance boating safety.  It has information of interest to all recreational boaters. Follow this link to view its capabilities.  It can be found in the Apple Store and Play Store under "UNITED STATES COAST GUARD".  There is also a link under "Vessel Safety Check" on this web site.

LCDR Bannon's Pot Luck

Fri, 08 May 15  

LCDR Bannon recently announced his transfer to Oklahoma City.  The Flotilla threw a pot luck to thank Mr. Bannon for his support. View the photos of LCDR Bannon's Thank You Pot Luck Here.



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