USCGA San Ramon Valley Flotilla - 11N1291
Virginia Luchetti, Flotilla Commander

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is one of America’s premier volunteer organizations. In particular, we are the uniformed volunteer component of the US Coast Guard. We have been a member of the community here in San Ramon since 1991. Our primary mission is recreational boater safety. We perform this mission by teaching boating classes, examining recreational vessels for required and recommended equipment, and meeting with the boating public to promote boating safety at events such as San Ramon’s Art & Wind Festival.

Another way we assist recreational boaters is with our operations. Our members are involved in land mobile, boat, and aircraft Search and Rescue missions that are performed under the direction of the US Coast Guard. Boat missions are performed on the Bay and the Delta as well as inland lakes. Aircraft missions include those areas and, in many cases, areas farther out. Members are trained to high levels of proficiency in order to perform these missions.

Other areas we work in are:

• Navigation Systems which includes monitoring buoys, day marks, bridge lights, etc., especially those that are privately owned.

• Marine Safety which includes a wide range of activities with commercial vessels and port facility and container inspections.

• Auxiliary Chefs who supplement and relieve Coast Guard Chefs on Cutters and land stations.

We also work with the Coast Guard to teach children about Boating Safety and survival skills in the water. These classes are taught in a variety of venues.


"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson