Flotilla 12-1 Member Training

Tue, 09 Apr 13  

New Mandatory Training Requirements

Continued alignment with the Coast Guard has brought us new mandatory training requirements. There are now ten courses all of us must complete. ICS 100 and 700 were added, so there are now four one-time courses. The rest must be retaken at least once every five years.

In addition there are more options for completing the training. Live classes at the unit level are now offered. We are currently developing an expanded Flotilla training program to assist you in completing your Mandatory Training. Until that is complete, the following general instructions may be of use for online work.

Go to the District Web site and drill down through Member Services - Support to Member Training and then the Training Calendar. There you will find a section on the Auxiliary Learning Management System (AUXLMS), including how to log in and set up an account. Just below that is a description of the requirements. You will find a similar list in the Auxiliary Mandated Training catalog in AUXLMS.

The ICS courses need to be taken at the FEMA training website. All eight required Coast Guard courses are available on-line through AUXLMS. Two are one-time courses and others must be retaken in five-year cycles.

There are three deadlines to complete this training, divided by enrollment date (you are 'enrolled' on the date shown on the letter with your member number welcoming you to AP status). If you were enrolled before 1/1/2013, you have until 12/31/2016 to complete the cycle. If you are enrolled since January 1, 2013, you now have another year, or until 12/31/2015, to complete the cycle. People enrolling after 12/31/2014 will have a full year from the end of their year of enrollment to complete the cycle.

 If you have questions, contact your Flotilla Member Training Officer.

 Updated November 11, 2014