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Division 10 Annual OPTREX

August 26 and 27, 2017

Blue Oak Campground

10201 Bonds Flat Rd, La Grange, CA 95329

GPS Coordinates: N


!!! Please RSVP now to: if you are planning or tentatively planning on attending and in what capacity: i.e. Check-ride (Initial or Requal); Crew (Boat, Food, Comms); any facilities you will be providing and camping plans.

Uniform- ODU’s or Hot Weather either Polo shirts or dark blue tee shirts are allowed.  

Directions-From the north, head south on 99 to 120 east to CA59/La Grange Rd turn right or south, turn left onto Bonds Flat Rd, Blue Oak Campground is approx. 1.5 miles on the left.   

From the south, 99 N to 16th street exit in Merced to 59N follow 59N to Bonds Flat Rd, turn right or east, Blue Oak Campground is on the left after approx. 1.5 miles

Lodging-Group campsites are available, contact Carrie Van De Boom to request space at the group site, based upon availability.  Hotels are available in Turlock, Merced, Jamestown and Sonora.  Additional camping sites are available from the Blue Oaks Campground.  However, each Auxiliarist will be responsible for securing reservations and paying for sites.

Boat slips are available; however, it over 15 minutes driving time to the marina.

Food-Meals will be provided; please note any dietary concerns on registration form.  Breakfast and lunch both days, Lunch will be make your own sandwich, chips and fruit both days. Dinner Saturday is included in the cost. Coxswains or boat owners, depending on who is being reimbursed will need to provide water and/or liquid refreshments for on the water.

Reports-Submit patrol reports as usual to the FSO-IS of the boat owner of record.  Boat Owners, make sure you correctly list who was assigned to your facility in AOMs.    

Communications- We will also be monitoring VHF Channel 16 & 83A. M. Rafatti cell number is (209) 602-3892 and call sign is Modesto Mobil 7; C. Van De Boom (209) 963-8033; and T. Witt (209) 607-1578. Version tends to work better in the central foothill lakes.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Campsite available

1000 hrs. - Campsite Setup

Time TBD - 4th Cornerstone Fishing Derby for OPTREX attendees

1800 hrs. - 4th Cornerstone Evening BBQ

Saturday, August 26, 2017

0830- 0900 hrs. -Welcome and Light Breakfast

0900-0930 hrs.-Crew Assignments and Crew Briefings

    Radio Communications, Helm Commands, Line Commands

    Plot navigation course, set in GPS, if possible.

0930-1200 hrs.-Underway Tasks-

Anchoring, Docking, PIW, Throw Bags, Deviation Tables, Tows-(Rear and Side), SAR Patterns-(Expanding Square, Vector, Barrier and Creeping).

1200-1330 hrs.-Lunch-Served at base camp by Aux Food Service Crew

1330-1600 hrs.-U/W-Complete navigation course; determine speed using RPM’s and record results for RPM chart.

1600-1630 hrs.-Debrief-

1600 hrs.-Shore Orals for initial candidates

1730-1800 hrs.-Dinner-Served by Aux Food Service Crew  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

0800-0830 hrs.-Launch Facilities

0830-0900 hrs.-Welcome and Breakfast-Served by Aux Food Service Crew

0900-0930 hrs.-Crew Assignments and Crew Briefings

0930-1200 hrs.-Check Rides

1200-1230 hrs.-Lunch-Served by Aux Food Service Crew

1230-1300 hrs.-Debrief

1300-1400 hrs.-Teardown/Cleanup Campsite

1400 hrs.-Travel-Contact Demobilization (M. Rafatti 209 602-3892) when you get home.  

Division 10

August 26 and 27, 2016 OPTREX

Registration Form

Deadline: Send to M. Rafatti SO-OPS by July 15, 2017


SO-OP Michael Rafatti

4419 Wincanton Road

Salida, CA 95368

All attendees must submit a registration form by the due date.  This includes individuals who are working the event as well as boat crew/coxswain.


Name:                            Auxiliary ID Number:

Telephone Number:                    Email Address:

Emergency Contact Information:

Name:                        Telephone Number:


Please select your status:

Initial:        Crew        Coxswain        Requal:    Crew        Coxswain

ICS Support/Observer Boat Crew or Coxswain not on a Check Ride.


Facility Name:            Aux Facility ID Number:

Coxswain or boat owner will need to request orders for both days.


Camping:    Yes/ No    Tent/Camper/Trailer/Motorhome/Vessel (Length of RV)

Entering Fishing Derby: Yes/ No

Dietary Restrictions:  

Division 10 OPTREX Friday Fishing Derby

Friday August 25th

Lake Don Pedro, Blue Oaks Campsite

Derby Start Time:

  • 1000 -1400 hrs.

Derby Weigh-in:

  • 1300-1500 hrs.

Species of Fish to fish for: (Catch limit is - 5)

  • Bass


  • 1st place - $50 --- Weight of total Bass caught during the Derby

    • Tie-breaker broken by weight of largest fish caught during the Derby

  • 2nd place - $35 --- Most weight of single Bass caught during the Derby

  • 3rd place - $15 --- Most weight of 2 largest Bass caught during the Derby