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District 11NR What's New

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What's new on the Flotilla 8-7 website: 

 Date of Activity  Items updated on website
 10/5 Members only
 10/2 Members only
 9/13 Members only; member training
 9/3 Members only
 8/31 Members only
 8/8 Fuel Farm
 8/1 Members Only
 7/20Useful Links
 7/6 Members Only
 6/27 Pt. Cabrillo ATON
 6/26  Members Only
 6/21  Fuel Farm Maintenance
 5/29  Photo Gallery
 5/3  Calendar
 5/2  Boating Safety, Calendar, Members Only
 5/1  Calendar
 4/29  Calendar
 4/13  Calendar, Photo Album
 4/4  Public Affairs
 3/19  D11nr file storage
 3/14  Photo Album
 3/13  Members only
 3/8  Uniforms, Useful links, Boating Safety
 3/7  Calendar
 3/5  Navigation
 3/1  Members Only
 Members Only
 2/20  Calendar, Members Only
 1/23  Home page, fuel farm
 1/19  Calendar, Home page
 1/4/18  Pt. Cab ATON, Public Affairs, Calendar, Members Only
 1/3/18  Useful Links (Responder), What's New format

 Date of Activity  Items updated on website
 12/28/17  Home page, Photo Gallery
 12/24/17 Vessel Safety, Calendar
 12/02/17  Members Only; What's New HTML
 11/26/17  Members Only
 11/14/17  Calendar
 11/11/17  Member Training
 11/5/17  Members Only, Vessel Safety Checks
 11/2/17  Fuel Farm Maintenance 4Q17
 10/29/17  Boating Safety
 10/27/17  Flotilla meeting minutes, Pt. Arena ATON, AUXINFO, Fuel Farm Press, Pt. Cabrillo ATON, Pyrotechnics Inspection, Photo Gallery
 10/26/17  VSC pix, Member recognition
 10/7/17  FSO reports, PC ATON schedule
 9/27/17  Flotilla meeting minutes
 9/19/17  PC ATON schedule
 9/17/17  Member recognition
 9/5/17  PC ATON schedule
 8/23/17  Members Only
 8/20/17  Calendar, Member Recognition
 7/20/17  Minutes
 7/3/17  Fixed broken links
 7/2/17  Uniforms, fixed broken links
 7/1/17  FSO reports, WOW compliance
 6/24/17  AUXINFO, Photo Gallery, Fuel Farm
 6/22/17  Minutes, VSC
 6/03/17  Minutes, FSO reports
 5/25/17  Members only
 5/20/17  Calendar
 5/01/17  FSO Reports
 4/23/17  Emergency Info
 4/22/17  VSC photos
 4/20/17  Vessel Safety
 4/19/17  Meeting minutes, subsidy policy
 4/16/17  Fuel farm 3Q17
 4/14/17  Home page reconfig, fuel farm, photo gallery, membr trng updates
 4/13/17  FB ABS, Pt Cab 2Q17 calendar
 4/7/17  Boating Courses
 4/3/17  AUXPAD
 3/25/17  Updated members Only;Flotilla Goals
 3/19/17  Updated members Only;Monthly minutes
 3/7/17  Updated members Only; hid PaddleSmart
 3/6/17  Updated Fuel Farm Maintenance
 3/4/17  Updated Members Only: FSO reports
  Updated Calendar month-wise
 Updated Point Arena ATON calendar
 2/24/17  Updated Boating Safety
 2/22/17  Updated Members Only (Minutes, rules)
 2/19/17  Updated Calendar (St. Patrick's Day)
 2/17/17  Updated Useful Links
 2/13/17  Alternative Text and "last updated" through What's New; fixed hidden broken links
 2/12/17  Updated Members Only with revised January minutes
 2/11/17  Alternative Text and "last updated" through Photo Gallery; fixed broken links
 2/9/17  Alternative Text and "last updated" through Member Recognition
 2/1/17  Updated Members Only w/ FSO reports
 1/31/17  Updated Pt. Cab. ATON
 1/27/17  Updated Fuel Team Assignments, Meeting Minutes
 1/15/17  Updated Uniforms, Pt. Cabrillo ATON schedule,
requested DSO approval of WOW compliance status
 1/13/17  Updated Officer History, Photo Gallery (COW)
 1/12/17 "Members Only" section, with Meeting Minutes