Flotilla 8-7 Uniform Information

Which Uniform to wear, and Where to get it

What you wear depends on what you do. Check with your Flotilla Commander or a Staff Officer for the appropriate uniform for your mission/s.

This list is in accordance with the new Auxiliary Manual dated 17 AUG 2011 (c.f. Chapter 10). This is not a complete list of what CAN be worn. It is meant to be a guide for new members buying uniforms.

Note that the Uniform Procurement Guide is currently (7/17) under revision.
When the revision is complete, the UPG link on the USCGAux HR Uniform Division website will be fixed and live.

You can order uniform items through the Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center (UDC). New members should consult with old members about what is needed.
(Note that UDC has a special page for AUX-specific insignia.)
The District store has been closed.

You can also order some items through the USCG Auxiliary Association store. The same login credentials will suffice.

You can also order some items through the Cutter Agent:  AUXCEN

You can also order some items through the Lighthouse Uniform Company 

You can also shop at the Coast Guard Exchange (PX) at Coast Guard Island.

Name tapes, Collar devices, Coxswain device, altering and hemming:
DeeBe's Tailoring & Cleaners
P.O. Box 5041 - 22 Eagle Rd.
Coast Guard Island
Alameda, CA 94501-5100
(510) 536-4252


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