Vessel Exams

 A Vessel Safety Check is a FREE bow-to-stern check of your boat by a qualified member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary that typically takes about twenty minutes.

  •  The Vessel Examiners issue no citations.
  • There are no penalties for not successfully completing a Vessel Safety Check.
  • Your benefits include:
    • Learn about potential problems that might create a danger for you or your passengers on the water.
    • Learn about  potential problems that might put you in violation of state or federal laws.
    • You receive a copy of the Vessel Safety Check form (see below) that allows you tpo make the recommended safety improvement at your own discretion.
    • If your vessel successfully meets all the requirements, a VSC decal will be presented to you on the spot.
  • You can schedule and appointment with a Vessel Examiner at a time and place convenient for you, or have your boat checked before your launch. We'll make it easy for you!
You can contact us to have one of our Vessel Examiner reach out to you to make arrangements for your free Vessel Safety Check.