Mama Bear Patrol Boat

Flotilla 7-8 is also involved in on-the-water operations.  We report to and receive our orders (assignment to duty) from the U.S. Coast Guard, Sector San Francisco, but in the absence of an active Coast Guard presence in Utah, we work closely with the Utah Park rangers at the various lakes to assist with: 

  1. Safety and education patrols
  2. Providing assistance with boaters in distress
  3. Perimeter control and support with boating accidents, triathlons, lake swims, boat parades, and other on-the-water public activities and events
  4. Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.
We also use our time on the water to practice and increase our own skills and to teach, train, and mentor new boat crew members and coxswains. The Auxiliary provides extensive training in navigation, communication, search and rescue, boating skills and handling, and boating education to those who choose to participate in the Operations Program. We are continually updating our skills and knowledge to further assist the boating public.

 Operations can be long hours, hard work, boring at times, intense at other times.  It is also rewarding, fun, and we get to spend time on the water! 


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