Boating Safety

Patrol On Bear Lake 

When you learned to drive a car, you had many rules and laws to learn as well as learning to drive a car safely and skillfully.  Boating has it own rules, laws, and skills that need to be mastered to have a great boating experience.

Choose To Boat Safely

Boat with Knowledge - participating in a boating class.

Boat with Wisdom - don't take risks that could cause a mishap! Wear your live jacket.  Be aware of carbon monoxide dangers. Keep a proper lookout. Watch your speed and your wake.

Boat with Preparedness - have all the "right stuff" - Proper equipment can make a big difference in your safety.

Boat with Experience: 

  • Know the "rules of the road" - maneuver your boat in a safe manner and take appropriate action to avoid collisions
  • Practice good seamanship - follow the rules and be courteous to your fellow boaters
  • follow the Prudential Rule - consider all dangers to navigation and any circumstance that may make you alter your actions from the rules to avoid immediate danger.

Boat with Discretion - watch the weather, other boats, water condition, and your own  fatigue - sun, wind, noise, vibration, motion, and dehydration all act as stressors on your body.

Boat with Caution -  file a float plan... know how to use your marine radio... have emergency contact numbers with you.

Boat with Judgement - boat smart, boat safe, boat sober

 Questions about safe boating practices? Simply contact us and one of our knowledgeable members will contact you.