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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Division 11 North, District 5, Flotilla 5-3



The Auxiliary is an organization of volunteers promoting boating safety and supporting Coast Guard units and missions. The Auxiliary also provides support to state and local agencies and the boating public.


Auxiliary forces are a viable, trusted, security-vetted resource available to Coast Guard Operational Commanders in executing most Coast Guard missions. Auxiliary resources are always considered as one element of first response, when consistent with Coast Guard policy. Auxiliary resources are given first priority for Coast Guard missions when active duty or reserve resources are not available.


Auxiliarists do not have and cannot be given general police powers or direct law enforcement authority. Coast Guard unit commanders may, however, assign Auxiliarists to missions that support Coast Guard law enforcement efforts.


There are no specific physical standards for participating in Auxiliary surface or radio operations. However, Auxiliarists must have demonstrated the ability to successfully accomplish each qualifying task found in applicable qualification guides and, in a broader sense, demonstrated the mobility and endurance necessary to perform in a challenging and often stressful environment.


Each Auxiliarist is charged with an ongoing responsibility to use good judgment and common sense when evaluating their continuing ability to carry out their assignments. Each individual’s responsibility to exercise sound judgment requires each operator or crewmember, prior to departing on an ordered mission, to evaluate their own physical status and decline orders when unable to perform the required duties or when a physician has advised a condition exists which may preclude reliable and safe performance.


This policy is not an attempt to establish either a requirement or an expectation for a person to schedule a physical exam solely for the purpose of evaluating physical capabilities. This policy is intended to ensure the safety of the member, the crew, the facility, and the public.


Flotilla 53 is based in Suisun City, California where it executes the Coast Guard recreational boating safety programs and supports USCG Station Rio Vista and USCG Station Vallejo with the seven patrol boats, two land mobile radio facilities, and fixed radio facility at its disposal.
We meet between 7:00 to 8:00 pm every third (3rd) Tuesday of the month at Solano Yacht Club, 703 Civic Center Blvd, Suisun City, CA.