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Here is a few solutions that the US Coast Guard Auxiliary is all about making the world a safer place. You and your families/friends life are unique and valuable; in addition, we want to help you and your community build a culture of safety - all free of charges. 

Vessel Inspection [more detail]      

Vessels passing safety checks are awarded a U.S. Coast Guard / Auxiliary Decal that informs:

  • Coast Guard / Auxiliary
  • Harbor Patrol
  • Sheriff's & Police
  • other boating law-enforcement & safety agency's

that your boat was in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws during a safety check for that year. Best of all every Vessel Safety Check is 100% Free of charge!


Boating Safety [more detail]      

The U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division (CG-5422) is dedicated to reducing loss of life, injuries, and property damage that occur on U.S. waterways by improving the knowledge, skills, and abilities of recreational boaters.

Additional information is available on the US Coast Guard Marine Safety Center [more detail].


    US Coast Guard Boating Safety Division     
Marine Safety [more detail]      

Marine Safety is about the people and objectives of the Marine Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection programs through the verification of compliance with technical standards for the design, construction, alteration and repair of commercial vessels.

Additional information is available on the US Coast Guard Marine Safety Center [more detail].


    Marine Safety     
Coastie the Safety Boat [more detail]      

Coastie© teaches rules about what to do and not do in a water emergency situation. For instance, Coastie© teaches "Reach or Throw But Never Go In." This message along with interaction and instruction with Coastie© teaches children how to throw or reach something to a person who is in trouble in the water rather than going in to try to save him. He also teaches slogans that kids remember like "Don't Just Pack It! Wear Your Life Jacket!" and "Always Swim With A Buddy In A Supervised Area."

Additional information is available on the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Coastie the Safety Boat [more detail].


    Coastie the Safety Boat     


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