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 The Trident Program

An Auxiliary Program for Direct Support and Augmentation

Marine Safety Training Ribbon
Trident Device

 Marine Safety Training Ribbon (MSTR)

 Marine Safety Ribbon

The Marine Safety Training Ribbon shown above is not a requirement for the Auxiliary Trident Program but all requirements to earn this award are required to be completed prior to applying for the actual Trident Award. All members interested in the Trident device or the Marine Safety Ribbon should review the PQS standards.
Below is a list of the different courses required to earn the MSTR and start you on your way to Trident. 

The first step/course in earning the MSTR/Trident is to complete the ICS courses listed below. This now includes ICS 210 or 300. 

   ICS Links
       ICS - 100
       ICS - 200
       ICS - 700
       ICS - 800
       ICS - 210 is available online through AUXLMS (use course code 502325)

 Good Mate CourseThis course is your first setup in the MSTR. This course can be done completely on-line (e-course). To get started  study the Good Mate Course Manual Once you have studied this and feel comfortable . . .

The below listed courses do not need to be done in any order, however going through the courses in order will help members to understand the program.

                . . . with the content you can go the National Testing Center to take this test.

 Introduction to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection - This test is also an online (e course) the IMSEP Manual and the IMSEP test is available on the National Testing Center  

Marine Safety Training Ribbon Application - After you have completed the requirements for the Marine Safety Training Ribbon complete the application and send it to your DSO-MS for completion.  If you need help with the training, work with your FSO-MS and/or FSO-MT for assistance.

Note: There is one possible requirement/pre-requisite for Trident that is NOT a requirement for the MSTR, obtaining a satisfactory PSI for a Direct Operations (DO) Clearance.  This is determined by the local unit you will be working for, based upon the type of augmentation duties you will be performing.  As this requirement varies from district to district and according to the needs of the local unit check with your local MS staff Officer to see if you need to obtain one.  If you do, you might want to start the paperwork now, as it may take 6 months or more to complete.  Forms and instructions can be obtained on the US HR Departments website

 Trident Device

 Trident Device

The Trident program is a good model for the development of your skills and experience in Marine Safety. We strongly recommend you pursue your Trident qualification. But remember that the Trident program is only a guide; that your progress in marine safety will depend on your commitment and dedication to the program. Moreover, we do not want people to pursue Marine Safety qualifications unless they intend to remain active in the field, both in support of the Coast Guard and in training other Auxiliarists.  Marine Safety Trident Device Application.


There are several prerequisites in the Trident program: Introduction to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, Initial Indoctrination to Marine Safety, Incident Command System, and Good Mate. Completion of these courses will provide you with an excellent foundation in the marine safety area.