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Public Affairs (PA) assists
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    National Safe Boating Week 


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Communications Vehicle (ACV)


This Auxiliary Communications Vehicle (ACV) was donated to District 11 North in 2015.  The ACV is NOT an RV ... it is a communication / incident command vehicle with an array of features making it ideal for deployment to a variety of incidents.  It is also ideal as a vehicle for use at Public Affairs events such as parades, boat shows, etc., and at OPTREXs.

Members interested in training and qualifying as an ACV operator and/or crew, please review the documents linked below.Contacts and support:
   Carrie Vandeboom, Coordinator         
Wayne Farnholtz, Administration
COMO Angelo Perata, Maintenance

Auxiliary Communications Vehicle Guide for Usage

Prior to requesting usage of AC Vehicle, check the calendar below for availability. 

Auxiliary Communications Vehicle Usage Request Form

Coastie Visit Planning and Calendar

Robot to encourage safetyCoastie is an animated robotic cartoon character in appearance, and is very mobile. He has navigation and searchlights, a rotating beacon, a siren, an air horn, and eyes and eyelids that move meaningfully. He talks, plays music, and interacts with the instructor and the children during the presentation. That always brings smiles and laughter to all when used. Coastie also has his own built in squirt gun that the kids just love. Coastie is 44 inches long, 30 inches wide, 45 inches tall and weighs about 120 lb. -- quite a bit larger than most would imagine. He is painted bright blue and has decals promoting Boating and Water Safety from many boating safety organizations. He flies five colorful flags: the United States Ensign, Coast Guard Operational Flag, Coast Guard Auxiliary Ensign, the Flag of the State of California, along with a Flag denoting boating safety on one side and water safety on the other.

There are four (4) "Coasties" in our District.

To reserve a Coastie only for your event, please contact Phil Grove, ADSO-PA, who coordinates Coastie activities with our District OTO (Operations Training Officer) at DIRAUX. 

If you need the trailer for Coastie too, use the contact link below for both Coastie and the trailer.  

The DIRAUX office has a trailer for Coastie.

This 5x7 trailer is government property and has a government license plate so this means everyone wanting to tow the trailer with his or her vehicle must fill out the below form and have it entered into their record at DIRAUX. Your vehicle must be able to tow a trailer whose maximum GVWR is 2990 lbs, have a hitch with a 2" ball, and have an in-line 4 pin light plug.  Please make your request to Phil Grove, ADSO-PA at DIRAUX for the trailer's usage.

Useful Links

Vehicle Facility Offer for Use Form -  Submit to DIRAUX
District Authorized Operators List
District Coastie Policy

Use and Scheduling Policy
Robotronics Operating Manual
Coastie Use Request FormSubmit to  Phil Grove, ADSO-PA