Flotilla 47-4 What's New!

Preparations Under Way For 2017

Happy New Year to All!

While Lake Michigan begins it's slow freeze as the temperatures grow colder, members of Flotilla Sheboygan are now turning up the heat, and their attention, to training and preparation for Public Affairs and Boater Education!

Members interested in Boat Crew patrols, water-borne patrols of qualified members who assist the Coast Guard in SAR assists, navigation light evaluations, on-going training with "Coasties" and other directed duties, will start meeting in January to plan and train in order to qualify on the water in May.

By April, Boater Education classes will resume for the public-at-large in order to meet all USCG and Wisconsin DNR requirements for Boating Certificates (mandated for all those born after 1989).

In May, Vessel Examiners will be available, dockside, to check over any boats for necessary or recommended equipment. Also, Various open houses are in the works for around that time!

And let's not forget the various maritime festivals in the area, from Port Washington to the south to Two Rivers in the north! 

Come back often for further updates or just send us an email!