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USCG Auxiliary 19JAN2013

Flotilla 095-47-04             19 January 2013

(Back Row) Linda & Roy Hundt, John Wagner, Ted Shonts, Eric Lusty, Lloyd Sargent, Robert Ternes, Lora Shonts
(2nd Row) William Hass, VC Rick Rosenwald, FC Mark Duff, Marilyn Wagner
(Front Row) David Given, Dr. Herbert Cone & Mrs. Cone

Photographer Kathy Haegele

Welcome Text

Thank you for visiting our website. We are Flotilla 095-47-04 Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and we’re glad to have you aboard. 

We appreciate your interest, and hope that you'll consider joining us in our missions of Recreational Boating Safety, and Coast Guard Support. 

If you are considering utilizing your skills/talents with us, or gaining new skills/talents from us, here is some helpful information; 

We are not military. There is no "Boot Camp" that's required, no transfers to take you away from home, and the only time you receive “orders”, are when you’ve requested them.  

Some of our members wish to spend all of their time on the water, while others prefer never to board a boat.  

Some members want to earn every qualification available, and others want to become a specialist, in a single field.  

In short, a member can be involved in a wide variety of areas, or be as specialized, as they wish. 

Although we are not military, one of our primary missions is to support the U.S. Coast Guard, which is Military, and we take that very seriously. We work very closely with the Coast Guard, and many of our directives come from them. At the same time, much of our training is provided by them.  

Although we cannot become involved in any of their Military or Law Enforcement activities, we can qualify in almost any other activity of an enlisted “Coastie”, including earning qualifications to work on their boats, and in their stations. Therefore, we do wear uniforms, in certain situations, and are bound by certain regulations while wearing the uniform. 

However, if you’re not the “uniform type”, there are several areas in which you can still be very involved.  

If you would like to speak, in more detail, about this, please contact us at


USCG Auxiliary     095-47-04

Year 2017 Flotilla Commander Michael Salkowski