Slow No Wake - What it Really Means

Most boaters think Slow No Wake means a boat must be going slow enough to not put out any wake behind the boat.  This is not true. 

Read this information about Slow No Wake to find out what it really means.  Slow No Wake varies with boat model, waves, currents, or wind.

On Madison area lakes, there is a permanent SLOW NO WAKE zone within 200 feet of any shoreline or pier.  That's 2/3 of the length of a football field!   When lake water is high, temporary local ordinances are put into effect on each lake increasing that distance or perhaps even making an entire lake as SLOW NO WAKE. 

There are permanent SLOW NO WAKE zones in two areas of our Madison Lakes.   One is throughout the entire North Channel of Lake Mendota from Cherokee Marsh, past Skipper Bud's and Mazanet Marinas, to the curve at the entrance to Lake Mendota.  The other is a very long zone between Lake Monona and Lake Waubesa (Mud Lake). 

Slow No Wake map
slow no wake map