New Members Wanted

The Coast Guard Auxiliary in Madison
needs more members

We are looking to expand our services in the Madison area and are interested in talking to a wide variety of people with different skills.  The opportunities in the Auxiliary are many and varied.  Believe it or not, some members have no interest in boating!  It is very likely you will find a slot that fits your interests.  Some members use their professional skills as Auxiliarists.  Others are looking for new opportunities to broaden their horizons and learn new skills. 
Our Madison area Flotilla is seeking members with the following interests:
  • People who would like to offer their boats as Auxiliary facilities
    • you would become Boat Crew qualified and, if interested, Coxswain qualified
    • you would outfit your boat with the safety equipment required by the U.S. Coast Guard
    • you would then offer your services to patrol the Madison chain of lakes
    • you would then train others to become crew and coxswain
  • Boat crew (with no boat to offer for use)
  • Coxswain (with no boat to offer for use)
  • Paddlesports enthusiasts
    • help teach Paddlesports America paddling safety classes
    • conduct complimentary Vessel Safety Checks (VSC) on canoes and kayaks
    • visits stores that sell paddlecraft, libraries, hospitals, etc. to set up literature displays
    • organize public affairs events
      • Canoecopia
      • Safety Saturday on the Square
      • Paddle and Portage
      • Lights on the Lake Boat Parade 
  • Boat Examiners (for required and recommended safety equipment)
  • Recreational Boating Safety Program Visitors
  • Public Affairs and advertising
  • Publications (newsletter)
  • Computer work, including website maintenance, recording members' activities in databases
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Instructors and aides for public education safe boating classes
  • AUXCHEF - learn to be a chef for the Coast Guard (serve at Stations and on cutters)
  • construction (carpentry, electrical, plumbing, etc) - work on construction projects at Coast Guard stations
  • and many more