Vessel Examination Information

Vessel Examinations ...
Call for free vessel safety check. Are your boat's lights, horns, electrical equipment, life jackets and more, ready for the summer activities?
We will be happy to assist you by performing a courtesy check of your boat for required safety equipment.  Provided that your boat contains all legally required safety equipment, we will issue you a decal which can be placed on your boat to demonstrate your commitment to safety.

For description of required vessel safety items and ask for a vessel safety check, click on the "Vessel Safety Items" tab at the left side of this screen.  In new screen select "Virtual VSC".

Flotilla 095-37-03 is very active in boating safety awareness displays, provides public educational programs, and vessel safety checks.

Individuals or groups interested in recreational boating safety are invited to take advantage of our educational programs, free vessel safety checks, or even explore becoming a member of our Flotilla.