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Flotilla 35-07 at the Tinley Park Hunting and Fishing Show 

 Destree and Bailey at Tinley Park

Flotilla 35-07 Commander Keith Destree (L) and Vice Flotilla Commander Jeffrey Bailey (R) volunteer to staff the USCG Auxiliary Booth at the Tinley Park Hunting and Fishing show attended by thousands of boaters and sports enthusiasts over the course of the two-day show on 13 and 14 February, 2016.



Flotilla 095-35-07 – 2016 Change of Watch
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Flotilla 35-07 Calumet Harbor, welcomed its new 2016 Officers at the annual Change of Watch held on 17 JAN 2016 at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Chicago.

Division Commander Marcus 

2016 Division Commander Mel Marcus.

Photo Credit: Lani Destree 2016.

Past Flotilla Commander and Flotilla Member Mel Marcus was elected Division 35’s Division Commander this year.  We congratulate him on this and his many USCG Auxiliary accomplishments through of his years of service to the United States boating public, the United States Coast Guard, and to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.  

The new staff of the Flotilla for 2016 were sworn in at the Change of Watch.


Division Commander Mel Marcus (left) administers the Oath of Office for Flotilla 35-07 Staff Members (left to right) Vice Flotilla Commander Jeff Bailey (FSO-HR, FSO-PA, FSO-SR), FSO-FN Robert (Rob) Juskiewicz, FSO-MA Carole Prendergast, Flotilla Commander Keith Destree (FSO-MT, FSO-OP), FSO-CS, FSO-DV, FSO-IS Omiela Hsu, FSO-CM District Captain Thomas Mullally.

Photo Credit: Lani Destree 2016.  

Division 35 of the 9th Western District of the United States Coast Guard awarded he Flotilla, and some of its individual Members, numerous honors for 2015 Operations, Public Affairs and Public Education. 

VFC Bailey receiving awards 

Flotilla Commander Keith Destree (on left) presents and congratulates Vice Flotilla Commander Jeff Bailey on one of the several awards he was given by the Division.  

Photo Credit: Lani Destree 2016.

The Change of Watch is the Flotilla’s annual meeting to recognize the accomplishments of the past year and to rededicate our efforts to the protection and safety of the boating public in America.  Flotilla 35-07 has plans for a busy and exciting 2016 boating season including the certification of new Boat Crew, Public Affairs events, Public Education, and recruiting a diverse Membership.  Planned also are numerous operations on Lake Michigan with the direct and indirect support of our shipmates in the United States Coast Guard based at Station Calumet Harbor.


The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, known as America’s Volunteer Lifesavers, is the finest volunteer organization in America today with over 30,000 Members.  Come and join us in acting as the United States Coast Guard’s force multiplier and greatest supporter.  Operations, Search and Rescue, Recreational Boating Safety, Vessel Examiner, Aids to Navigation Verifier, Instructor, Public Education, Communications Watch-stander, Air Operations – sound good to you? 

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