5 Items That Can Save Your Life

Handy Tools For Boaters

Every boater should have 5 items in a small bag or waterproof ammo box-type of container. These items can save a bad boating day and maybe, in extreme conditions, a life.

1. A multi-tool. Several companies manufacture quality tools, but figure on spending at least $50 on a good one.

2. A hand-held VHF radio. It will provide weather updates and communication with nearby vessels or a Coast Guard Facility in an emergency. Costs are reasonable and a serviceable unit can be had for under $70.

3. At least 100 feet of 1/4 or 3/8 nylon braided line. A snap shackle of high quality stainless steel on one end would add some additional functionality.

4. A quality hand-bearing compass. A quality compass is another $50 or more expense but a compass and a knowledgeable user can save one's life.

5. A red nylon square of clothe at least 2 feet square and with a dowel or nylon rod sewn diagonally into it. Visibility and a clear message of being in need of assistance is vital. Many boaters in trouble find passing boaters think a frantic waving of the hands is merely a friendly wave and continue on their way, leaving you in trouble.