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From North to South

Port Sheldon       42-54-00.000N 086-13-06.000W

     The distance between Port Sheldon and Saugatuck is 16 statute miles.

Saugatuck Harbor Mi    42-40-36.0N  086-12-45.7W
        Access to Kalamazoo River -
     The distance between Saugatuck Harbor and Holland is 8 statute miles.

Holland Mi         42-46-24.400N 086-12-56.900W
        Access to Lake Macatawa
     The distance between Holland and South Haven is 26 statute miles.

South Haven, Mi    42-24-04.830N 086-17-16.640W

     The distance between South Haven and Saint Joseph is 22 statute miles.

Saint Joseph, Mi    42-06-55.160N 086-29-44.070W

     The distance between Saint Joseph and New Buffalo is 25 statute miles.

New Buffalo, Mi    41-48-08.460N 086-45-08.600W

     The distance between New Buffalo Michigan City is 12 statute miles.

Michigan City. In    41-45-19.800N 086-58-33.960W
    This can be a tricky harbor - check the  chart for a description of the harbor.

The distance calculator at was used to determine the distance between ports.