Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

Hazard: Kidde has identified a quality issue with black plastic Zytel® nylon valve disposable fire extinguishers. In a small number of instances, Kidde found that a supplier built a component that is out-of-specification. When the lever is pressed and released multiple times, the extinguisher may fail to fully discharge as designed.

US Consumer Product Safety announcement

Recall Summary
Name of Product: Items affected are Kidde brand, black plastic Zytel® nylon valve disposable extinguishers both ABC and BC rated models manufactured between July 23, 2013 and October 15, 2014 and sold between August 2013 and November 2014. The affected fire extinguishers are white or red in color and are either ABC or BC-rated. The Kidde logo and serial number are located on the nameplate. The date code is an ink jet 10-digit number stamped on the side of the cylinder near the bottom. Digits 5-9 of this number convey the day and year of manufacture. Affected units will have the following five digits in a date code:

      2013: XXXX20413X through XXXX36513X
      2014: XXXX00114X through XXXX28814X 

Contact Kidde by phone (855) 283-7991 (8AM to 5PM) EST, M-F  or

Go to Web site: 

which links you to a web site:

Near the bottom - middle  of the screen is a block with a picture of a fire extinguisher  labeled PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE:  Pick (Click) on this box.

It takes you to a page:

You have three choices on the screen:  Pick US (ENGLISH)

This takes you to:


Go to the bottom of the screen and pick the field labeled DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE AN EFFECTED PRODUCT

This takes you the web site:

This web page is a form to be filled out to get a replacement fire extinguisher.