Flotilla 6-2 General Information


Smoke Distress Signal Recall


The V-Directorate wants to make our members aware of an URGENT USCG MARINE SAFETY ALERT #04-16.

The Coast Guard has withdrawn the Certificate of Approval for NAMMO LIAB AB Orange Hand Smoke Distress Signal, due to risk of spontaneous combustion when dropped.

These smoke signals may be labeled and marketed as “Polar MK 4” by NAMMO LIAB AB or as “IKAROS” by Hansson Pyrotech. “IKAROS” Hansson Pyrotech is the more current manufacturing name. There are approximately 2,790 signals with the potentially defect in the US market.

Any signal manufactured after October 2013 must be properly disposed of and replaced with a product that satisfies the vessel’s carriage requirements.

Please read the USCG MARINE SAFETY ALERT 04-16: "DISTRESSED DISTRESS SIGNAL" on the National V-Directorate website at:



Disposal of Unwanted/Outdated Pyrotechnic Devices

Auxiliarists are sometimes asked to accept out-of-date or otherwise unwanted  pyrotechnic  devices for disposal.  Accepting such materials for disposal is not an authorized mission for the Auxiliary and may result in individual Auxiliarists taking possession of unstable and hazardous materials and becoming personally responsible for their disposal.  Although some municipal and volunteer fire departments or law enforcement agencies may accept pyrotechnics for disposal, many will not. Disposal may pose potential health or safety hazards to the individual or to the environment.
If, as a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary,  you are requested to take possession of such materials for disposal, the request must be respectfully declined.  The only appropriate advice that may be given with respect to disposing of the unwanted materials is to caution against throwing them overboard, activating them in the marine environment, or disposing of them in household trash. 

It would be appropriate to suggest that the individual contact local  law enforcement or fire protection authorities for guidance on disposing of the unwanted materials.  Members should not recommend that they be  activated on land or retained on board a vessel as back-ups since older flares may become unstable and their burn rates unpredictable.


Ethanol destroys marine engines.  That is the message Boat Michigan is sending out.   E15 destroys marine engines and accidentally misfueling  voids engine warranties.  The current Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires more and more ethanol  be blended into U.S. gasoline supply despite the fuel's harmful effects on engines, including those of boats.  It's important for boaters to know that, even though it may cost less, E15 gasoline is not an option for boaters.   The Current RFS allosws for no assurance that marine grade fuel will remain available for boaters.   So the next time you fuel up in unknown area's make sure you understand what fuel your using. 





Auxiliary Mandated Training Facts


Requirements for Auxiliarists to complete Mandated Training have led to some creative solutions to encourage members to complete this training in a timely manner.  Clearly there are a number of implications for failure to complete by year’s end,There are facts and there is fiction; here are some facts: but there has been some confusion about methods and remedies. 


  • Completion of Mandatory Training is now a prerequisite for
    • Initial or recertification in any competency.
    • Holding elected office after 31 DEC 2016.
    • Appointment to any local or National office.
    • Nomination for any elected local or National office.
    • Receiving travel orders, reimbursable or non-reimbursable orders
    • Attending any “C” school
    • Receiving a new or replacement Auxiliary ID Card, (other than Provisional members)
    • Acceptance of an Offer for Use for a surface, aircraft, or radio facility



  • Completion of Mandatory Training is not a prerequisite for initial or continuing membership in the Auxiliary.
  • Members who have not completed Mandatory Training may not be penalized with increased dues and members who have completed Mandatory Training may not be given a dues discount.
  • Members may not receive discounts on their dues for logging hours in AUXDATA, nor may an Auxiliary Unit pay any portion of a member’s dues for any reason.
  • Auxiliary units may not impose any sanctions or penalties upon members who have not completed Mandatory Training.
  • Failure to complete Mandatory Training is not a ground for disenrollment from the Auxiliary.



  • Failure to complete Mandatory Training is analogous to the member going into “REYR” status.
  • The member who has not completed Mandatory Training can come out of “REYR” status by completing the training.  It’s just like any other requirement that places a member in REYR status when training has not been completed.


In summary, Auxiliary Mandated Training prepares Auxiliarists to effectively serve as members of a volunteer organization that is in frequent contact with the American public and which augments and supports the US Coast Guard.  This training provides a basic understanding of crucial human relations, policies, personal safety, and organizational security topics, and the National Incident Management System.  Most importantly completion of the Mandatory Training places the Auxiliarist on the same footing as other members of the Coast Guard team and allows for seamless integration and augmentation.

A new member, Cory Thierghartner, was sworn in and given his membership certificate.

Charles Heath was issued an Certificate of Appreciation for his Superior Performance of Duty in Support of SURFACE OPERATIONS IN 9ER.

Edward C. Morris was issued an Certificate of Appointment as Division 092-06 as the Public Affairs Officer.

Michael D. Patena was issued an Certificate of Appointment as the 092-06 Communication Services Staff Officer



We have two members will not rejoin because their work load is too demanding, and they have no extra time for the auxiliary.This reduces are membership to thirteen people.

 Eleven members have completed their mandated training.  Members who fail to complete mandated training will be subject to the following implications:


  • Completion of Mandatory Training is now a prerequisite for
    • Initial or recertification in any competency.
    • Holding elected office after 31 DEC 2016.
    • Appointment to any local or National office.
    • Nomination for any elected local or National office.
    • Receiving travel orders, reimbursable or non-reimbursable orders
    • Attending any “C” school
    • Receiving a new or replacement Auxiliary ID Card, (other than Provisional members)
Subject: CG AUX Honor Guard for Grand Haven

Judy and Ron, I am writing on behalf of the DCO. Every year at the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven there is a parade and ceremony honoring our deceased members. This year there will be six members in the CGAUX honor Guard with two each from Nine West, Central  and Eastern. We have not participated In the past but would like to this year. The dates are 3,4,5 AUG in Grand Haven Michigan. We are looking for possible candidates from Divisions 6 or 7 who could be flag bearers or riflemen. Former military experience is highly desirable. And the members should look presentable in uniform. Please forward your recommendations to me. Thank you.
Dr.Joseph A Sopko
District Chief of Staff
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
Ninth Coast Guard District (ER)
216-321-8441 H
216-526-0388 C
From: US Coast Guard Inspections and Compliance Directorate 11/13/2017: Safety Alert 12-17 - Fire extinguishers recalled due to failureto discharge The office of Investigations and Casualty Analysis issued Safety Alert to inform mariners of a recall of certain models of Kidde brand fire extinguishers. Nearly 40 million extinguishers involving 134 different models have been recalled. These fire extinguishers were manufactured between January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017, including models that were previously recalled in March 2009 and February 2015. The extinguishers were sold in red, white, and silver cylinder colors and are rated as either ABC or BC. The Coast Guard strongly recommends that all persons owning fire extinguishers read the following information and access the hyperlink for specific recall information. This product recall involves two styles of Kidde disposable fire extinguishers: Plastic handle fire extinguishers and plastic push-button fire extinguishers. This recall does not include Kidde Professional or Badger branded fire extinguishers. Units with metal handles/valve assemblies are not included in the recall. ---------------------------------------- More information is available from the Consumer Product Safety Commission website: Safety Alert 12-17 port notification: 7-fire-extinguishers-recalled-due-to-failure-to-discharge/ v/r, CWO Henderson, OTO Sector Buffalo 716-843-9583
Jason White, our newest member, will be taking over as Diversity Officer later this year. Within his responsibilities will be a multitude of challenges to pull from the talents of many individuals to benefit the Auxiliary with differing view points, ideas in many different parts of our society. Part of this is not only his training but providing a wide range of Diversity training for our membership and attracting members from a wide area of our society including religion, different culture or backgrounds. Only through these points of view can we gain the insight necessary to make the Auxiliary successful. I urge all members to attend various training sessions like DTRAIN which happens twice a year. Additionally, we will strive to bring Diversity training locally as well.