Meeting Schedule

Meetings listed are for Flotilla 3-2. Contact the FC (Flotilla Commander) for further information. Visit the Division 3 or District 9ER sites for their meeting dates & times.

October 16, 2018 Flotilla Business Meeting

Election of Flotilla Commander and Vice Commander

Review letters of intent from members. 

Nominations from the floor are permitted. Member nominated from the floor must be present and accept the nomination. 

Lakeshore Fire Department, Rt. 5, Hamburg, NY - 20:00 Business Meeting. Training 19:00

November 10, 2018 Division 3 Change of Watch

18:00 Contact FC for further information (This event includes dinner, swearing in of officers, and awards.)

November 20, 2018 Flotilla Business Meeting

Lakeshore Fire Department, Rt. 5, Hamburg, NY - 19:00 Training, 20:00 Business Meeting.

Thanksgiving at Sector/Station Buffalo, November 22, 2018

Watch for information about donations of food and or time. Help us celebrate Thanksgiving with the men and women of the Coast Guard on duty that day or unable to be with their family.

December 18, 2018 Flotilla Business Meeting (Pizza & Wings @ 19:00)

Lakeshore Fire Department, Rt. 5, Hamburg, NY - 19:00 AUX EAT-Fellowship, 20:00 Business Meeting.

**January 15, 2019** Flotilla Awards Banquet and Business Meeting

Annual Flotilla Awards Banquet and Business Meeting. Fellowship Event @ Danny's South (Abbott Rd and Rt. 20A). Guests of members welcome. 6:00 pm Cocktail Hour, 6:30 pm Salad Bar with Buffett Dinner at 7:00 pm. Contact FC (Flotilla Commander)with reservation and additional information about cost and menu.