Station Niagara


 Honoring Our Shipmates

BM2 Chism and SN Ferreby

U.S. Coast Guard Station Niagara


On March 23, 2001, a Coast Guard small boat was underway from Station Niagara with four crewmembers. After an unfortunate capsize of their vessel, the crew entered the 36 degree water and two were rescued over 4 hours later by the Wilson NY Fire Department, while two of the members, Petty Officer 2nd Class Scott Chism and Seaman Chris Ferreby, lost their lives as a result this incident.

Our Coast Guard members risk their lives every day to keep our waterways safe and secure. Tragedies such as the one that took place thirteen years ago, give us pause. We recognize the impact this incident had on the Coast Guard, to include improvements in equipment, procedures, and risk management. We also note the incredible significance of our partnerships with other agencies. Despite all we have learned as a result of this incident, the overwhelming memory is the sacrifice these men made which will always be appreciated and never forgotten
BM2 Scott Chism was born June 16, 1975 in San Diego, CA. He graduated from Pamona High School in June 1993 and enlisted in the Coast Guard on August 4, 1997. Following boot camp, he was assigned to Station Bellingham, WA. In August 1999, he transferred to Station Niagara. While stationed here, he was involved in two notable cases: a drug seizure and another involving saving a man’s life. He is survived by his wife Alyssa, daughter Kelsey, and son Caleb. He is also survived by parents Jim and Maureen Chism and brother Tim.

SN Chris Ferreby was born on March 28, 1977 in Morristown, NJ. He graduated from Fairport High School in June 1996. He enlisted in the Coast Guard on May 12, 1999. Following boot camp, he was assigned to Station Niagara. He was known as “Furbee” and as “Mr. Fix-It”. He is survived by his wife Amy and son Tyler. He is also survived by father Tom, mother Kathleen Jenkins, brothers Mike, Dave, and Matt, and sister Jennifer.